Monday, October 11, 2010

Health wine listed first off over five

According to incomplete statistics, there is every two days, a new company to join the national health wine industry. Health wine investment boom continued in 2007, is expected to heat up. Combined effect of the planning agency received almost monthly health wine business phone, asking how to make health wine marketing. "First Financial Daily" and other media also health wine industry, interviews with the author.

Inquire health wine business types are manifold, both traditional liquor and pharmaceutical health care products company, also holds a secret, or proprietary institutions and individuals, and even animal and plant breeding institutions. They are Chinese and the rapid development of industry and higher profits, eager to rely on health wine overnight, but most companies are very vague understanding of health wine.

China's Top Ten planning agency - that the combined effect of planning, public health wine to be had before the taste, quality, selling point, mentality and customs personnel 5. This five relevant is the basis of product sales, can not be ignored. If the foundation is to play well, like construction of buildings on the beach, the greater the disappointment will be a dream.

First off: taste off. Changyu wine three whip, brand and effectiveness are good, but slow growth performance, which is a major reason for poor taste. On the contrary, light cool taste a leader - one of King magic wine of success. Health wine to meet consumer taste first, rather than efficacy. Many health wine companies that their products are well-known universities in China jointly developed a patented product or a traditional remedy, efficacy is very good, certainly not the problem in future sales, but often neglect the first element of health wine: taste. Health wine now, first of all alcohol, not drugs. Taste (not efficacy) was a re-purchase of the most important factor. Efficacy is not embodied in a short time, requires the test of time. But the taste tests, will immediately lose market opportunities.

Care taste wine from the base wine, taste, alcohol and sugar content and other elements in degrees. Health soak liquor by the drink from, particularly important for the quality of liquor, alcohol liquor in any case can not make good health wine come. Taste to be elegant, Yao Wei can not be too strong, can not have odor and flavor, the entrance to foam. Alcohol is generally not more than 35 degrees, but the gap between the region greater flexibility to adjust according to sale of alcohol content area. Most health wine have sugar, but sugar content can not be too high, at least not feel sticky throat. New IPO, taste must be tested, not just by the business leaders to determine the taste. Enterprises with their own subjective judgments of product preferences, the results have often considerable error.

The second hurdle: the quality. 2005 will wine, turned out in the national rum on and run on millions of CCTV funding, but ultimately short-lived. Wine will have many reasons for the failure, but the quality of its lethal but related reasons. 90% of the health of Chinese wine does not pass drug tests in countries where the Ministry of Health or certification, nor in accordance with the GMP standard. But the company's quality standards can not be reduced, quality is the life, loss of quality, the company has no life. Inferior liquor, pigments and other raw material is determined not to use the wine to clear, can not appear cloudy and foreign matter. General quality of its wine business is not easy to go wrong, but the packaging easier to ignore. Untight seal, label fade, labels and so on from the side, though they are small problems, but the effect on their trust of consumers will be a barrier.

Third off: selling off. Full scorpion wine is the specialty of old revolutionary base areas Yimeng Mountain, in the absence of a clear selling point before, and always get out of the mountains. Through effective planning of a comprehensive packaged together to determine the selling point for the Chinese scorpion first wine, function as: "Immunity to keep fit, Qushi detoxification", use different strategy to make it into a national market, a dark horse. Health wine competition, similar products, there is no accurate positioning and selling points, is hardly the show late. Selling point may come from health advantages of wine itself, but also may come from the psychological feelings of the target audience may also come from value-added products. If the enterprise's own poor planning, looking for a professional planning company is a shortcut.

Fourth off: off mentality. Health wine is rapidly developing high-profit business, but health wine, after all, is in its infancy, the investment return on a long cycle. If the lack of market awareness training did not prepare to fight the ideological war endurance, as early as possible out of health wine industry. Current alcohol consumption among health-care relatively narrow, health alcohol consumption only 1% of white wine, many people need to lead the market. Market education requires a lot of money and time, quick success can only be Banded. Education is not a good market alone advertising bombardment, it is difficult to open the market. There are many companies in the product immaturity, when the network is not perfect, they mistakenly put in the CCTV television advertising, the root cause of health wine industry is not clear. Jizao psychology, marketing strategy will lead to mistakes. Combined effect of the planning that the new health wine business step by step, do a down market, basic job done, the use of aerial advertising, will be even more powerful. Health wine market despite the slow start, but the relatively liquor, the product life cycle should be long over.

Fifth off: Talent off. Now do the market, talent is the core competitiveness. Even the best product, not an effective fighting force, it is difficult to sales success. Health wine different from white wine, the market operated with more refined and professional, more demanding on human resources professional. Old wine in new businesses rely on health professionals, is difficult to achieve. Effective planning of the proposed joint use of airborne lead the professional army, the formation of complementary team. Please do professional marketing consultancy guidance, but also to improve the professional talent to good laws.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Selected to create the first step taken on the PLM

In recent years, China's manufacturing industry in the RMB appreciation, rising raw material costs, labor costs and other factors, the profit margin is gradually compressed, and the international financial crisis raged even more so that manufacturing enterprises in China worse; the other hand, with the product personality technology, intense competition, market and international, enterprise product development, innovation presented new challenges. Manufacturers at this time more than ever need a new information program to help companies improve product R & D capabilities, speeds time to market, reduce product cost, enhance product quality and competitiveness.

Because the company found that the original enterprise IT systems such as ERP, CRM, SCM, etc. will not solve their problems. Enterprise products such as engineers want to improve an existing product, but this improvement will increase the cost? Warehouse finished products, parts and raw materials inventories do? New product time to market from design to how to predict? How inter-departmental and inter-regional collaboration improve the timeliness of new product development? how to adapt to changing customers new products and markets?

For these ERP, CRM or SCM can provide very limited help, then called PLM software came into being. PLM (Product Lifecycle Management, or Product Lifecycle Management), following the ERP, CRM, SCM, the manufacturing enterprises of the new hot spot. As one CIO said: "With PLM systems, ERP, CRM and SCM systems they have been finally have what they need - a reliable, universal access to the latest, most accurate, most complete source of product information. "

Improving product design capability

PLM management system following the CAD / CAM developed after the new generation of product innovation and collaboration management solutions, from product design to foster the beginning of growth, maturity, decline, the end of each of the four stages of management. PLM is in essence a manufacturing enterprise product data as the core solution from the user's needs, order information, product development, process design, manufacturing and maintenance throughout the life cycle of the integrated management of different types of data and cross-sectoral, cross-regional and system integration, supply chain coordination problems.

Implementation of enterprise PLM system, its product design department design Besides development of other business departments 鍙?been involved from the parallel job, can greatly reduce development time, implementation across sectors and supply 閾?鍖哄煙 to work; 鍚屾椂, Zaoqi in product design, PLM can also help designers to detect design errors early, according to market demand continues to put forward a variety of comparable design to achieve optimal design results and market efficiency, achieve its minimum on the R & D costs and the growth stage to the end products to maximize profits of the enterprise strategic goals.

1998 General Motors R & D departments in the world's first information officer, responsible for product development focus areas of process improvement and methodology, and the establishment of PLM strategies and begin large-scale factories in the global promotion of PLM. Since then, GM's new vehicle from design to market time from 42 months reduced to only 12 months; in May 2004, South Korean Ssangyong Rodius new models to market is South Korea's first to PLM as a "virtual platform" design and manufacture of cars. As the play to the advantage of PLM, Ssangyong Motor with less than a year and a half to make Rodius from a concept car into mass production, significantly reducing time to market new vehicles, products favored by users; recent years, the domestic auto industry through the New Horizons FOTON PLM system to achieve off-site R & D management, data sharing and business processes, standardized and uniform, change the design caused by manual data and process the error, the product development cycle reduced by 30%, 20% reduced rework.

Domestic enterprises, relative to OA, CRM, ERP, etc., PLM is not very familiar with the concept of a current PLM market in customer demand, product maturity, degree of project implementation and channels are relatively weak base, the penetration rate than low, but the development of PLM in the field but showed fast growth momentum. At first application is mainly mechanical products, from the late 90s of last century, PLM industry to expand to a larger scope, including household appliances manufacturing industry (such as electronics, computer, refrigerator, phone, etc.), utilities (such as power, communications, water, gas , cable, etc.) and the food, pharmaceutical and other fast moving consumer goods industry and other fields. Today, PLM has been more and more importance in enterprises, such as ERP, as it has the original theoretical concepts to the growing maturity of the commercial development of software products, will become the only way for the future development of enterprises.

PLM success rate is not high distress

Currently under the impact of the financial crisis, China's manufacturing industry is facing a global industry restructuring, structural optimization challenges, China's manufacturing industry is more than ever need to continuously improve the internal management, speed up product innovation and speed, shorten delivery time, enhance the competitiveness of products, from a "Made in China" to "Created in China." So how to protect enterprise information assets based on the original introduction of PLM, PLM and give full play to their maximum value is of great significance. However, while the PLM system has many enterprises in the country to promote the application of direct assistance for enterprise development, but more and more enterprises in the selection and on-line only to find it difficult to meet their expectations PLM selected the goal, the project post-implementation ROI (ROI) and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) performance was generally poor, and some items look dynamic reality is "weak", or simply can not be applied, a huge investment vanish. Not long ago, the UK management consulting firm Bain to a report, Guo Neiwai the failure rate of corporate Shiyong PLM average 楂樿揪 53%, PLM in all projects that about 62% did not reach the software user's expectations.

To sum up, in the PLM selection and implementation issues and challenges encountered mainly in:

1. Old and new system can be compatible. The introduction of the new system PLM, compatible with existing IT systems is difficult, there are bottlenecks in the enterprise messaging, product data is not shared, then, can not effectively the product of historical data for new product design services, difficult to get through product design and manufacturing Digital Production Line.

2.PLM product of the lack of industry, segmentation solutions. Different industries have different business needs and business processes, requirements of different industries vary widely on the PLM, PLM should be based on business environment, the industry, the industry's position in the national economy and the role of the characteristics of the enterprise to implement a targeted PLM, PLM developers many little attention to such differences, without regard to industry, business characteristics, resulting in the promotion of application failures.

3. Resources, inadequate preparation. PLM software vendors can not provide adequate resources for product data modeling, business process optimization and product data import, the new management system is difficult to meet user requirements.

4. Program implementation is weak. PLM in the implementation and promotion of the process, the implementation of business process cumbersome and complex, and the corporate control and the lack of a strong power system to ensure the implementation of the project more than a mere formality, going through the motions, lead to the eventual failure of the project.

In addition, the current domestic truly understand the management of PLM concepts and design, lack of channels for business, and some even have not fully distinguish between PLM and ERP differences in management, leading companies make the wrong decisions. Therefore, the channel's premature to some extent also restricted the PLM market's rapid development.

Correct selection: the first step towards success

PLM strategic decisions like the selection, and implementation is a tactical choice to some extent. In the wrong strategic direction, even the best tactics are not the goal, so PLM selection is half the success of the project construction, on preparations for the implementation of enterprise PLM projects, can take lessons from other IT projects such as ERP, CRM, SCM, etc. Selection of successful experience.

1. A full assessment of the system integration of excellent

PLM system's outstanding performance and whether or not a large extent in the integration, but integration is mainly expressed in the PLM system with other business systems such as OA, CRM, ERP, SCM and other systems integration. Therefore, companies have or will soon be combined with the implementation of ERP, CRM, SCM software such circumstances, a strong ability to select the interface, PLM, in order to avoid the formation of information islands future. We must also consider and businesses are using the CAD / CAPP, PDM and other professional software integration, in particular, to examine the basis of data synchronization with the ability to maintain data consistency, an accurate flow of data.

2. A comprehensive test of the technical feasibility of products

In addition to focus on the integration of PLM into account, the following three points of the study is the content of PLM.

PLM product structure inspection system capacity for the product description of the structure (such as which parts of a component to use the parts for which components are closely associated with paper use, and what), the product structure can be adjusted, the adjustment process is subject to control, can distinguish between a component which has undergone development test phase.

Workflow study to assess the management of data objects (such as models, drawings, etc.) are the corresponding identity of its life cycle in which the state, and could serve as the basis of data used to determine the scope and authority; study to assess whether the workflow model , drawings and other data object in turn sent to the designated employee's desktop; inspection assessment system can, under the review, adjustment of data objects (documents, drawings) life-cycle state.

Electronic storage and data management study assessed whether the electronic storage products model, file type classification and the physical type of classification to distinguish between document management organizations. Examine whether the electronic storage of the standard part of management; study evaluating management text files (WORD, WPS, etc.), graphics files (AUOTCAD, CAXA, etc.), three-dimensional model (PRO / E, UG, SOLIDWORES), form, and Simulation data and other types of data.

PLM is also a superior should have the following three main properties: the platform and the underlying technology is mature, able to provide multi-platform support for future upgrading of IT systems; technical scalability mature, from OA, CRM, HR, CAD, CAPP, etc. data acquisition system, the seamless transmission of data; technical maintainability mature, enterprises completely independent maintenance / expansion.

From industry and professional good pass

PLM technology is very important to the industry, one of the main features of the software personalization, segmentation. As we all know, different types of PLM customer base, due to the nature of business, industry, size, stage of development such as Zhu Xing's different, may lead to differences between PLM greater demand characteristics, on the PLM requirements vary. For example, the industry, discrete manufacturing production model, discrete manufacturing models for single and small batch of R & D, production characteristics are significantly different, 3C, electronics, appliances, home appliances and other industries on the aircraft, aerospace, locomotive and so different , there is greater on the PLM needs of different content. From the enterprise concerned, some companies focus on product handling process, and some focus on product cost control, while others focus on technology, procurement and manufacturing.

So buy PLM is an important factor to be considered: PLM industry characteristics to meet business and personal needs, to meet the changing needs of enterprise development, when the company's management and business process is changed, PLM fast reconstruction, followed by business changes.

Of course, multi-faceted investigation PLM vendor service capabilities. Unlike PLM application software, a medium to large construction projects frequently PLM dozens, hundreds of million yuan, the construction of as little as a year or so, as many as two to three years. PLM supply 鍟?therefore quality of service Nengliguanxi Dao Jinhouzhengge project Nengpishunli Tuijin, long-running and even in deciding the success or failure, enterprises must PLM suppliers have perfect BAE Systems that meet Ge Zhong Ji Gedi can requested services as an important assessment of the project.

PLM vendors are now each have a set of standards known as the full implementation of the service process, but these processes to the number of success stories based on the accumulation of scientific ways? It is strictly implemented in the implementation of each project, rely on to support? Implementation of the process with Other measures related services constitutes an organic unity of system, and how to optimize? these needs enterprise from the training, team building, implementation guidance, network support services, project management, secondary development, system support services, resources outsourcing services, and rigorous assessment , assessment, choose to take, will achieve our goals.

A selection of the final choice is cost-effective, it is also a principle of selection for all products. PLM PLM software products into high-end, mid PLM software, three series of low-end PLM software. Domestic as the standard for small and micro enterprise applications PLM, a reasonable price should be no less than 10 million; for medium-sized enterprises in the end of ERP, usually within a set of suitable products in the 800,000 yuan; the surface PLM to medium and large enterprises in the 80-120 million products between. In the production process and product structure is relatively simple industries, PLM will be relatively cheaper, and Enterprise Group as business complex, difficult to implement long period, prices more than three million, it is not surprising. Therefore, enterprises should choose the cost of PLM scientific assessment, strict control must be very cautious on the investment, emphasis should focus on return on investment, product profitability, and those cheap, cost-effective, the PLM product output is high and should be enterprise product of choice.

The future survival and development of manufacturing a large extent depends on the suitability of the product research and development, aging, advanced, and implementation of the PLM strategy is a general trend. Therefore, the product development, brand building as a core competence of manufacturing enterprises, in order to maintain industry leadership, should be full implementation of PLM strategies, use of PLM systems and strive to achieve from the "Made in China" to "Created in China", from " manufacturing "to" brand creation. "


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Paladin 4 fox task entrusted Home

鈥?task name - Zi Yun Xuan dream

Location: Jimo County

Store Name: Ciji Tang

Boss Name: Yu Zijian


Bonus: 鈹?Fantasy prolonging drugs revealed 10, purple Jing Yurong cream 10.

It's fair to say so after fox which directly receive Dao Julan

But I do not ...

I guess ..... not a huge fox out of the ko


ps2. This is my second round I played the first round had been of enormous

Conclusion ... fox invited him to hit the great out of the ko ...

銆??璇濊..............鎴戞墦瀹岀洿鎺ave....鍥炲埌鑽簵鎵嶅彂瑙夋病杩欎笢瑗?..= =

Dear reader, take note of you ...

1, Kunlun Qiong Hua School


Xiao Xuan, after meditation, to say the mountain drunk Huayin Phoenix is a beautiful flower, there so many years, please take a Phoenix Tianhe help squid.

Second, drunk Hua Yin

Sent into the drunk from the King Wah Hua Yin, the first fork in the road turn left, Milky Way For Phoenix to spend time off, Immortal Mu wind suddenly appear, his own but Phoenix Hua Xian, has for many years no one look at this flower, today to see Milky Way, could not help coming out each other.

銆??娌愰鍚戝ぉ娌冲?璇夛紝澶氬勾鍓嶆浘鏈変竴瀵圭敺濂冲父甯告潵姝よ祻鑺憋紝鑰屾矏椋庤櫧鐒跺績浠偅浣嶇敺瀛愶紝鍗翠篃鐭ラ偅鐢峰瓙蹇冧腑鍙湁濂圭殑甯堝銆?br />
Wind on the Mu Tian said did not understand the emotional things, but the wind, see Milky Way Mind Mu simple, so giving a length Tianhe Phoenix squid.

銆??涓夈?宕戝礄鐞煎崕娲?br />
Forbidden to send back to King Wah, Milky Way will be happy to show it Phoenix squid Xiao Xuan, Xuan Xiao staring at Phoenix flowers, say it is Su Yu's favorite flower, You Tan Road, the flowers bloom, but the years have gone can no longer recover.


Phoenix spent alone watching Xiao Xuan, into a great leader among the ......

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China Unicom to introduce iPhone would be wasted

Recently, news that China Unicom is working with Apple to discuss the new iPhone into the Chinese matters, and had also rumored China Mobile and Apple negotiations between the operating APP Store for who eventually broke up with different opinions. This, I believe that China Mobile iPhone negotiations with the likely end in failure, and the new interchange is not necessary and they are anxious to talk about Apple's iPhone introduction.

China Mobile to introduce the possibility of remote iPhone

I remember in 2008, China Mobile has announced that about 400,000 cracked version of iPhone, running on mobile networks in China; This is enough to reflect some of the high-end iPhone mobile phone users in China a powerful attraction. But for China Mobile to introduce iPhone, I believe that the result is certainly fail.

Since Apple launched the 3G iPhone for the WCDMA / GSM dual-mode mobile phone, Apple will not be 100% R & D TD version of iPhone. China Mobile introduces EDGE only version of iPhone, but can not introduce the 3G iPhone, iPhone will not, therefore the introduction of China Mobile's TD urgent need to address the issue of lack of handsets bring any help.

In addition, Apple iPhone, not just rely on selling for profits, but on participation and operators into selling music, software, profits, itunes, APP Store and the iPhone can not be separated; while China Mobile has been to increase investment in wireless Internet, regardless of is flying the letter,,, mobile payment, mobile phone shop told us that China Mobile is not willing to be channels, the contradiction between the two is irreconcilable. Therefore, the possibility of moving into a great iPhone failed.

And China Mobile have their own plan, and has a mobile phone ODM through the injection of R & D manufacturing OMS Phone, OEM mobile phone with Lenovo in the form of the market, which is rumored to OPhone, China in this mobile phone will surely built their own of a class of business, including flying the letter,, music download stores, mobile phone shop and so on. China Mobile do not want to lose control of the wireless Internet, and profitability.

Currently the introduction of China Unicom would be wasted iPhone

Believe that the new China Unicom with Apple, Apple will continue to make revenue-sharing for the payment of subsidies for high end, and in China to promote itunes music downloads, app store sales of software related issues, which means that China Unicom to be bound by Apple, and to pay the high costs, particularly in the areas of wireless Internet will lose control.

The introduction of foreign telecom operators iPhone is aimed at grabbing customers from competitors such as O2 in the UK, whether they are in operation or Vodafone's 3G WCDMA network standard, so more intense competition between them, won the 3G iPhone if O2 the introduction of exclusive rights, then the user will inevitably lead to the Vodafone network to switch to O2, so operators willing to give up part of the revenue to Apple.

Even the introduction of the new iPhone for China Unicom can not grab more users to switch networks from China Mobile to the new China Unicom, China Unicom, after all, the network and services has been much criticized, both at the low-end users, end users will not be an iPhone, Select switch on the network.

Unicom exclusive new iPhone will certainly require huge subsidies paid to Apple in advance, but also from the iPhone users to access the part of the revenue given to Apple, Apple has successfully rely on weak China Unicom to itunes and app store to enter the Chinese market, it can be said to be asking for trouble so that the loss of China Unicom complete control over the wireless Internet and profitability.

In terms of the new China Unicom, the introduction of 3G iPhone 3G in enhancing the competitiveness of China Unicom and China Mobile will not be brought against the role, as do China Unicom WCDMA standard only. And WCDMA is not the lack of brand, quality, powerful mobile phones, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola are committed to the development of WCDMA handsets.

There may be unintentional positive outcomes results

As we all know, is lacking in the new China Unicom to upgrade network technology strength, improve coverage, improve service levels. In the GSM era, China Unicom has exposed these weaknesses is no doubt that this is China Unicom has no access to high-end users, much of China Mobile crowding, ARPU where the main reason for the lower.

Although China Unicom to get a relatively easy-to-WCDMA standard, but the performance on the Unicom ago, we have to worry about their ability to network and WCDMA network quality. Now that we can be sure China Mobile iPhone negotiations and most will end in failure, then why should not worry China Unicom to introduce iPhone?

Unicom now should do is concentrate on building WCDMA network using WCDMA mobile terminals in the great advantage of the smooth implementation of the increase in subscribers. It also should increase the development of wireless Internet applications and development, it is time 3G operators to attract customers, 鎻愬崌 ARPU value of the key, the comparative lack of wireless Internet in China Unicom, and even we do not see them any layout.

Currently, most of the cracked version of 3G iPhone in China, almost all in use China Mobile's EDGE network, which some users are mostly high-end users, the writer believes the success of the built once the new Unicom WCDMA network, GSM era and no longer appear the signal is poor, service poor, and this cracked version of hundreds of thousands of 3G iPhone users will naturally be part of a larger network of people choose to switch to WCDMA. And this time again and the introduction of Apple on the issue on the iPhone, China Unicom has also been a bargaining chip with Apple, Apple may be some convergence of a number of provisions of Overlord in order to achieve the effect of unintentional positive outcomes.

The above analysis, I believe that the current iPhone is not the time for the introduction of China Unicom, peace of mind built WCDMA network, improve service quality is top priority new China Unicom.


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Saturday, July 24, 2010

In 2006, China CMM / CMMI consulting agency announced the top five

September 23, in 2006 China Software Engineering Conference and systems analyst at the annual meeting, 2006 China CMM / CMMI consulting agency investigations Top 5 selection was announced.

Top 5 of the body into the Beijing Sifutaike Technology Development Co., Ltd., the Haikeweian Information Technology Consultants Ltd., Beijing John accommodating up to Management Consultants Ltd., Asia Vision Technology Development Co., race certifications. Meanwhile, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and honorary director of the Institute of Software Engineering, Technical, President Professor Zhou Bosheng Sai Boke "2006 China CMM / CMMI Industry Outstanding Contribution Award." Chen Weisheng, Wan-Ju Yong, Mr. Hu, Dan was named outstanding director of appraisers.

Software engineering by the Greek Competition Network Channel ( China 2006 held in CMM / CMMI consultancy Top 5 investigation and evaluation activities, business-oriented IT CMM / CMMI consulting and advisory bodies evaluate the market a wide range of in-depth investigation and selection. Survey and evaluation will be divided into two parts, the first enterprise survey, market survey second part. Business survey from the brand influence, experience and level of director of appraisers, consultants experience and level, the effects, price, service and credibility of the six aspects of the enterprise evaluation, market research designed to reflect the domestic CMM / CMMI consulting industry Status and trends.

The survey and evaluation activities lasted 114 days, a total of 69 027 people participated in the survey activities. Selected results for the upcoming implementation of the CMMI or CMMI assessment of companies have chosen to provide a basis for consultancy and selection criteria.

In the conference, organizers will also invite domestic and foreign famous CMM / CMMI experts, on global and China's CMM / CMMI implementation and evaluation of development of a comprehensive analysis of individual software process, human maturity hot issues the depth.

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SuperBurner DVD Converter

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Monday, October 5, 2009

LasVegas DVD to PS2

LasVegas DVD to PS2 is a professional DVD movie to PS2 video converter software. LasVegas DVD to PS2 directly converts DVD movies to your PS2. All you need do is to connect PS2 to your PC and start Super DVD to PS2 Converter. When the conversion is completed. LasVegas DVD to PS2 is an innovative Windows application that transcodes your favorite DVD movies to SONY PS2 directly. You can easily convert both PAL/NTSC DVDs for optimized video playback on PS2. Integrated world-class MPEG4 encoder make it possible to transcode whole DVD disc with the time half of playback time of DVD. You can select any audio track, subtitle, chapters of the DVD as you want.